Mango Health for Mental Health Providers

Over 40% of patients need mental health support. We connect mental health providers with primary care practices so that patients can get the support that they need.

Key Benefits


Large Pipeline of Referrals

No more struggling to connect with patients. We provide a steady stream of referrals.

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Connect with Major Insurers

We submit and pay for your credentialing to get in with major insurers.

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No Admin Required

We take away the burden of administration and deal with insurance so that you don’t have to.

Patients Directly From The Doctors Office

We provide you with a unique set of patients, referred directly from the doctor's office.

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Expand Your Network

We streamline the process of getting in-network with all major insurance companies. Giving you a steady stream of referrals, and freeing you to focus on providing care for your patients.

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We’ll Take Care Of The Paperwork

We’ll handle your claim submissions, and assist with denied claims, providing visibility into each ERA.

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Get Started With Mango Health

Register now, and we’ll help you get connected with major insurers.

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Bridging Primary Care and Mental Health

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