Mango Health for Primary Care Physicians

We help primary care practices provide their patients with support from PSYPACT credentialed mental health providers at no cost.

Key Benefits

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Patient Care Covered By Insurance

Nearly all insurers already cover the BHI and CoCM revenue share model.

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Mental Health Support At No Cost

We remove all of the admin challenges and make sure that you get reimbursed for each patient.

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PSYPACT Credentialed Therapists

We connect patients with highly qualified therapists only.

No Long Admin Process Required

We take care of the entire post-referral journey. We track patient appointments and insurance credentials on your behalf. All you have to do is send the referral.

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Give Patients The Care They Need

Over 40% of patients need mental health care access. We provide a streamlined route for you to connect patients with mental health specialists at no cost to your practice. Get reimbursed for each patient you refer.

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Collaborate With Mental Health Specialists

Work closely with your patients therapist, or just monitor their personalised care plan. We ensure that therapy does not become a black hole, and patients get the holistic care that they need.

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Get Started With Mango Health

Register your practice now and we’ll get you setup to start referring your patients to mental health providers.

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Bridging Primary Care and Mental Health

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